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Meet Josh!

Meet Josh - Custom Lanyard Sales Rep Josh will be your Sales Manager for Bringing over 6 years of experience in Sales and Customer Service to his team. He always keeps things professional and strives to make every customer happy. You can’t go wrong having Josh as your sales representative for custom lanyards.

If you would like to read some of Josh’s testimonials, please visit the Testimonials page. And feel free to leave one of your own if you are a current/previous customer!

The Art Department

Meet Jon - Custom Lanyard Artist Our lead designer Jon, will be powering your design team with over 15 graphic artists! He has multiple years of experience in custom lanyard artwork and many other promotional product designs. He is well educated in his field, and pays close attention to detail. Having Jon on our art team ensures us, and you, that every single custom lanyard will turn out the very best that it can!

If you are a customer or previous customer, please feel free to leave a Testimonial about Jon as well!

The New Kid?!

Meet Brett - The New Kid! Meet the newest addition to the team, Cody! A recent graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta, Cody is precise and specializes in illustration art, he also has experience in Customer Service and Sales. Working hard to prove his worth to the team, Cody will not let your artwork be anything but the best that it can be.

If you are a customer or previous customer, and were able to deal with Cody directly, please feel free to leave a Testimonial about Cody as well!

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