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Below you will find information about our custom lanyard attachments and accessories. Every lanyard order comes with your choice of 1 from our 5 free standard attachments and a 1 free safety break-a-way. For pricing information on our upgradable lanyard attachments please view the Custom Lanyard, Lanyard Attachment, and Lanyard Accessory Pricing Page. If you require a different style attachment for your particular needs, we offer several upgradable attachments, and can even make custom attachments just for you! Please see below for more information.

Standard Lanyard Attachments

Again, every order includes one of the following absolutely free of charge! And a free safety break-a-way as well!
Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL01 - Key Ring Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL02 - J.Hook Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL03 - Bulldog Clip Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL04 - Plastic Clip Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL05 - Lobster Claw
**Available for 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ Lanyards
LPL-01 LPL-02 LPL-03 LPL-04 LPL-05
Key Ring J-Hook Bulldog Clip Plastic Clip Lobster Claw

Upgradable Lanyard Attachments

All of the attachments below are made from thicker materials, and may work better for your particular custom lanyard use. If you require more information about price please view the Custom Lanyard, Lanyard Attachment, and Lanyard Accessory Pricing Page. If you require more information about a particular attachment, please Contact Us!
Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL08 - Carabiner Hook Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL09 - Oval Hook Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL10 - Cell Phone Loop Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL11 - Stationary Hook
*Pricing is based on size from (top) 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ (bottom)
LPL-08 LPL-09 LPL-10 LPL-11
Carabiner Hook Oval Hook Cell Phone Loop Stationary Hook

Safety Break-a-Way & Buckle Release

Every order includes a free safety break-a-way, which takes any potential choking hazard away, and actually creates a look that most people prefer. Our buckle releases are especially popular with our Key Ring attachment, and allows you to “disconnect” your attachment from your lanyard simply and quickly.
Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL15 - Plastic Safety Break-a-way Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL07 - Plastic Buckle Release
**Available for 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ Lanyards
LPL-15 LPL-07
Safety Break-a-Way Buckle Release

Custom Lanyard Attachments

If you have special needs from your attachments, and cannot find one that will suit you needs anywhere, Contact Us immediately! We have manufactured hundreds of custom lanyard attachments for our clients.

Lanyard Adjusters

Below, please view our lanyard adjusters, these are a great way to keep your lanyards in the “rounded shape”. All bead adjusters are recommended for Imprinted Tubular Polyester Lanyards only.
Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL12 - Metal Bead Adjuster Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL13 - Plastic Bead Adjuster Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL14 - Plastic Pincher Adjuster
**Available for 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″ Lanyards
LPL-12 LPL-13 LPL-14
Metal Bead Plastic Bead Plastic Pincher

Badge Holders

Badge holders are extremely popular and practical as a custom lanyard attachment. It can be used for ID cards, VIP passes, Business ID, and many more uses as well. Please view our two standard sizes below, and if you need to request a custom size, please Contact Us!
Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL16 - Horizontal Badge Holder Custom Lanyard Attachments - LPL16B - Vertical Badge Holder
**Custom sizes are readily available
LPL-16 LPL-16B
Horizontal Badge Holder Vertical Badge Holder

Have More Questions About Our Custom Lanyard Attachments?

If you have any additional questions about any of our custom lanyard attachments, please Contact Us. For attachment pricing, please check the Custom Lanyard and Lanyard Attachment Pricing Page!
Custom Lanyard Styles - Industry Low Pricing!